Annarchy INC.
mixed media on panel

Pretty In Pink
mixed media on canvas

Not A Lost Cause
mixed media on canvas

Aloha Mutherfucker
mixed media on canvas

Feel U
mixed media on canvas
Chasing Happy Meals
mixed media on panel

This Shit Aint Free 
mixed media on canvas

Mine's Bigger Than Yours (SOLD)
mixed media on canvas

mixed media on canvas

Artist Statement

Ted von Heiland Jr. – Artist Statement

My artwork takes a critical view of my emotional and personal journey involving the loss of my sister, themes of love, the ability to cope and my own mortality as a disabled veteran. In my work, I deconstruct and reconstruct these themes and ideas by using bio-mechanical and religious symbolism to investigate the concepts of resurrection, rebirth, mortality and my own identity issues as a person of Filipino and German descent.

I combine these themes with mixed media sculptures or paintings using the human figure as a focal point. Often times, the human figure is fragmented and infused with technological elements to convey the mechanization of humanity. I incorporate a variety of organic and inorganic material into the background of my work juxtaposing dark sci-fi elements with whimsical, natural and emotional gestures stressing innately human traits. My stylistic influence stems from a variety of sources such as cinema, music videos, religious symbolism and iconography, current global events, and mankind’s long-time obsession with war and post-apocalyptic themes. My emphasis will always be on the human element, regardless of how disfigured or intrusive the technological elements become in each piece of artwork I create.

While I incorporate a variety of materials in each of my projects, my methodology and process is very consistent both thematically and stylistically. I often work on several pieces at a time and first consider the overall theme or emotion I wish to convey. I like to keep the narratives in my work as personal as possible. This, after all, is what drives me as an artist and my search to continue asking the questions: Can we bring people back? Can we relive these moments that have brought us both joy and heartache? Will technology allow us to accomplish these things? Will religion? Do we have the potential to one day live immortal or are these ideals and ideas forever fleeting?

Artist Resume

Ted von Heiland


B.A. in Art Education; California State University, Fullerton, CA

Solo and Feature Exhibitions_______________________________________

Kavika Works Gallery, Santa Ana, CA  Sci-Sculpts: 2 Man Show with Eric Rodriguez, January 16, 2010 
The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  Master Blaster of Sculpture, October 3, 2009 
Hyaena Gallery, Burbank, CA - Solo Show, March 1, 2009 
The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA - Featured Artist, October 4, 2008 
The Box Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA - Ubermensch: 2 Man Show with Matt Linares, August 16, 2008
The Night Gallery, Santa Ana, CA - February 2, 2008
Cannibal Flower, Los Angeles, CA - Featured Artist, November 17, 2007
The Mountain Bar, Los Angeles, CA - Knobturnal, February 16, 2007

Select Group Exhibitions___________________________________________

The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  participated in monthly group shows from 2007 to present
Cannibal Flower, Los Angeles, CA– participated in monthly group shows from 2007 to 2012
Cactus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  Six Legged Freaks: Bug-themed Group Show, April 10, 2010
Solid Gallery One, Los Angeles, CA – Message in a Bottle: Group Show, February 12, 2010
Gallery Meltdown, Hollywood, CA  A Night of Knick Knacks: Group Show, February 6, 2010
Solid Gallery One, Los Angeles, CA - Broken: Group Show, May 23, 2009
Chuckwa Gallery, Fullerton, CA - Custom Skully Show, May 16, 2009
United CAT (California Art Collective), Fullerton, CA – curated and participated in monthly group shows from 2008 to 2010
Blood and Oil - Live Painting at MUSINK, Orange County Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa, CA, February 20, 2009 
Forgotten Saints Gallery, Los Angeles, CA - Saints That Never Were But Should Have Been,  February 13, 2009 
CAVE Gallery, Venice, CA - The Yum Yum Show, February 6, 2009
Hyaena Gallery, Burbank, CA - Missing The Muse: A Tribute to Bettie Page, February 7th 2009 
Monkeyhouse Toys, Silver Lake, CA - I Heart LA Group Show, January 3rd, 2009
Hyaena Gallery, Burbank, CA - Blatant Plagiarism Group Show, December 16, 2008
Genuine Artikle, Long Island, NY - Wreck The Halls Custom Toy Show, December 20, 2008 
Hyaena Gallery, Burbank, CA - Klemfest Group Show, November 29, 2008 
Monkeyhouse Toys, Silverlake, CA - Itty Bitty Artshow, November 8, 2008  
Genuine Artikle, Long Island, NY - Dia de Los Muertos: Group Show, October 25, 2008 
The Grind Gallery, Venice, CA - Behind The Mask: Group Show, October 17, 2008 
Monkeyhouse Toys, Silver Lake, CA  Plastique Fantastique: Vinyll Toyshow, October 4, 2008 
Hyaena Gallery, Burbank CA - When Life Hands You Lemmings: Anti Censorship Group Show September 6, 2008 
The Grind Gallery, Venice, CA - All Mixed-Up: Group Show, July 19, 2008 
Genuine Artikle, Long Island, NY - Group Show, June 13, 2008
Art Slave Gallery, Los Angeles, CA - Persons of Interest: Group Show, May 8, 2008 
The Grind Gallery, Venice, CA - Love and Bullets: Group Show, February 15, 2008 
The Hangar 1018 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA - XX/XY: Group Show, December 8, 2007
Super G Gallery, Melose, CA - Art and Motcycles: Group Show, November 16, 2007
The Hangar 1018, Los Angeles, CA - FastForward Rewind Group Show, October 13, 2007
SCA Project Gallery, Pomona, CA - Happiness in Dystopia: Group Show, September 8, 2007 
Project Ethos, Hollywood, CA - Cirque de Ethos: Group Show, July 13, 2007 
Amor Viejo Gallery, Santa Ana, CA - The Living City: Colaborative Show, June 2, 2007 
CSUF Exit Gallery, Fullerton, CA - FU Artists Group Show, May 5, 2007
The Mountain Bar, Los Angeles, CA - The Dope Show, April 20, 2007


Beinart International Surreal Art Collective http://beinart.org/artists/ted-von-heiland/gallery/sculpture/

Girls and Corpses Magazine. Interview by Robert Ryne. October 2008

OC Weekly. Article by Greg Stacy. September 18, 2008

New Biomech BJD project (version 2) (#WIP, #GITS, #BJD, #actionfigure, #darkart, #biomech, #cyborg, #biomechanical, #robot, #sci-fi, #cyberpunk, #sculpture, #art, #popsurealism, #fembot, #OOAK)

Here are some pics of a new private commission that I have been working on. I'm going for a more bio-mech/cyborg feel with this figure. It's 1/4 scale.

Works in Progress: Biomech BJD project (Continued) - Final Test Fitting

Biomech BJD project (Continued) (#WIP, #GITS, #BJD, #actionfigure, #darkart, #biomech, #cyborg, #biomechanical, #robot, #sci-fi, #cyberpunk, #sculpture, #art, #popsurealism, #fembot, #OOAK)

Here are some pics of a private commission that I have been working on. I started this project last November. It's coming along now (at least the base figure is) and I'm almost at the molding and casting phase, pending some more refining, adjusting and polishing.

At this stage, I'm pretty happy with the overall proportions and the joint system of the base figure. She poses pretty well considering the weight of the materials (super sculpey and magic sculpt) though using a figure stand definitely helps. Once it's cast in resin, it should have no problems posing on it's own.

almost there...

Next Up: I'll be doing a final polish of the rough areas and lay one last coat of primer over each peace, making new "hair", creating a custom display base, and finally making the silicone molds and casting in resin :)

Works in Progress: Biomech BJD project (Continued) - Interchangeable Faces and Hands

Biomech BJD project (Continued) (#WIP, #GITS, #BJD, #actionfigure, #darkart, #biomech, #cyborg, #biomechanical, #robot, #sci-fi, #cyberpunk, #sculpture, #art, #popsurealism, #fembot, #OOAK)

Here are some pics of a private commission that I have been working on. I started this project last November. It's coming along now (at least the base figure is) and I'm almost at the molding and casting phase, pending some more refining, adjusting and polishing.

At this stage, I sculpted a second head with 2 interchangeable face plates with Super Sculpey and Magic Sculpt.. I want to experiment with having adjustable eyes so that the figure can be made to look in different directions. I also made several hands that can be swapped-out at the wrist.

Here's a side-by-side of all the figure pieces that I originally started out with when I first began sculpting this project (left) and the pieces that I am currently at (right) after making more joints, hands, face-plates, and priming it all white, etc...

Next Up: Another test-fit, polishing/sanding/priming and hopefully molding...

Works in Progress: Biomech BJD project (Continued) - Refining the Joints and Making Hair

Biomech BJD project (Continued) (#WIP, #GITS, #BJD, #actionfigure, #darkart, #biomech, #cyborg, #biomechanical, #robot, #sci-fi, #cyberpunk, #sculpture, #art, #popsurealism, #fembot, #OOAK)

Here are some pics of a private commission that I have been working on. I started this project last November. It's still in the very early stages and has a loooong way to go before molding and casting... 

At this stage, I rebuilt and refined the elbows, hips, and torso joints with Super Sculpey and Magic Sculpt. I also worked and whittled down the arms an legs to ensure the figure can stand on its own. The photo next on the right is to give a size reference  of the figure in comparison to my Stormtrooper helmet :) The figures stands at around 16 inches tall.

One of the things I love about using Super Sculpey as a base sculpt before casting it can be whittled down and carved easily. 

I took the time to practice making hair. Ideally I want to have both a sculpted and realistic version of hair that can be swapped out for the final figure.

Next Up: I'll be sculpting different hands that can be swapped out, create a 2-part head with movable eyes, and redo the hair pieces. Stay tuned...

Works in Progress: Biomech BJD project (Continued) - Priming and Test-Fitting

Here is a preview of things that I am currently working on or have worked on in the past. The purpose of this page is to give you a glimpse of my process and some of the steps I take to create my work :)


Biomech BJD project (Continued) (#WIP, #GITS, #BJD, #actionfigure, #darkart, #biomech, #cyborg, #biomechanical, #robot, #sci-fi, #cyberpunk, #sculpture, #art, #popsurealism, #fembot, #OOAK)

Here are some pics of a private commission that I have been working on. I started this project last November. It's still in the very early stages and has a loooong way to go before molding and casting... 

After carving, sanding, grinding and polishing each part of the figure, I went ahead and primed everything a single color (in this case gesso white). This allows me to spot any irregularities that need to be sanded down, filled or carved out. This is also a good time to test-fit each piece and check for any articulation problems.

After the initial test-fitting, I realized that I needed to further refine the joints for better articulation  around the torso, hips and knees. 

Next Up: I'll be redoing the elbows and building a double joints. More sanding and refining and hopefully paint a final coat of primer on everything. Stay tuned...