New Bio-Mech Articulated Figure project (version 2): Work in progress

Here are some pics of a new private commission that I have been working on. I'm going for a more bio-mech/cyborg feel with this figure. It's 1/4 scale (18 inches tall) and has movable joints that allow for some pose-ability. It is still very much a W.I.P. 

If you scroll down, I have some step-by-step of the sculpting, molding, casting, and painting process. Thanks for looking :)

Here are the steps I took in creating the figure:

Armature Building - Since the figure is meant to hold different poses, i had to factor that in to the way the armature is designed to account for the joint placement. I also had to make sure that the limbs can be removed individually. I did this by using regular drinking straws over the aluminum wire armature. The straws were cut into sections. This allows each limb to slide right off the armature after it has been baked.

Sculpting: Blocking out the basic forms in Super Sculpey 

Cutting out the sections for articulation and baking them as I go

Kit-bashing cybernetic parts and using Magic Sculpt

Making removable horns with Magic Sculpt- This was just an experiment...

3) Priming: Primed with grey spray primer. This helps even-out some of the irregularities on the surface of the baked SS and allows you to see the sculpt in a uniform tone.

4) Test-fitting before molding: I put all the pieces back together on the armature. I carved out some more details and re-primed certain parts to add to the cybernetic aesthetics of the figure.

5) Molding: Making 2 part silicone molds with Smooth-On Mold Star 20T

Working on a face-plate (front and back of head) by pushing some Magic Sculpt into the silicone mold. This will allow the head to come apart in 2 pieces.

Stay tuned for more to come... Still need to finish molding both sections of the head and casting the base figure :)

6) Casting: I use Smooth-On Smooth Cast 300 resin. I tried experimenting with tinting the resin with a drop of resin dye to give the figure some color.

Here's the first official figure in it's raw form, fresh out of the mold with all its sprues and flashing... looks like doo-doo...

Here's what the pieces look like after some trimming and lots and lost of sanding...

7) Assembly: The next step is test fitting to make sure everything fits properly and the joints articulate well.


After playing around with different poses, I realize that I'm not fully happy with the limited articulation in the knees and elbows. I might have to hack hack them up to make them double jointed... Trying to figure out a way to do this without having to waste the original molds...

Stay tuned for more :)

My solution to making double joints:

8) Painting: I wasn't able to photograph each step but I basically used Testors enamel paints and used a combination of washes, air brush, and dry brushing techniques to get all the colors down. I then covered everything with a clear matte spray and used Prisma-Color colored pencils to enhance the flesh tones.


9) Hair: I made a sculpted version (as previously shown) as well as a "real" version with some synthetic hair. Fore the synth hair, i started out making a small scull-cap with some Magic Sculpt then glued on each hair part with some tacky glue. I have to admit, there were some definite creepy vibes going on when making the hair, lol




Stay tuned for more: I'll be working on some bio-mech looking armor and possibly a weapon with alternate hands and feet :)