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Artist Resume

Ted von Heiland


B.A. in Art Education; California State University, Fullerton, CA

Solo and Feature Exhibitions_______________________________________

Kavika Works Gallery, Santa Ana, CA  Sci-Sculpts: 2 Man Show with Eric Rodriguez, January 16, 2010 
The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  Master Blaster of Sculpture, October 3, 2009 
Hyaena Gallery, Burbank, CA - Solo Show, March 1, 2009 
The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA - Featured Artist, October 4, 2008 
The Box Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA - Ubermensch: 2 Man Show with Matt Linares, August 16, 2008
The Night Gallery, Santa Ana, CA - February 2, 2008
Cannibal Flower, Los Angeles, CA - Featured Artist, November 17, 2007
The Mountain Bar, Los Angeles, CA - Knobturnal, February 16, 2007

Select Group Exhibitions___________________________________________

The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  participated in monthly group shows from 2007 to present
Cannibal Flower, Los Angeles, CA– participated in monthly group shows from 2007 to 2012
Cactus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  Six Legged Freaks: Bug-themed Group Show, April 10, 2010
Solid Gallery One, Los Angeles, CA – Message in a Bottle: Group Show, February 12, 2010
Gallery Meltdown, Hollywood, CA  A Night of Knick Knacks: Group Show, February 6, 2010
Solid Gallery One, Los Angeles, CA - Broken: Group Show, May 23, 2009
Chuckwa Gallery, Fullerton, CA - Custom Skully Show, May 16, 2009
United CAT (California Art Collective), Fullerton, CA – curated and participated in monthly group shows from 2008 to 2010
Blood and Oil - Live Painting at MUSINK, Orange County Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa, CA, February 20, 2009 
Forgotten Saints Gallery, Los Angeles, CA - Saints That Never Were But Should Have Been,  February 13, 2009 
CAVE Gallery, Venice, CA - The Yum Yum Show, February 6, 2009
Hyaena Gallery, Burbank, CA - Missing The Muse: A Tribute to Bettie Page, February 7th 2009 
Monkeyhouse Toys, Silver Lake, CA - I Heart LA Group Show, January 3rd, 2009
Hyaena Gallery, Burbank, CA - Blatant Plagiarism Group Show, December 16, 2008
Genuine Artikle, Long Island, NY - Wreck The Halls Custom Toy Show, December 20, 2008 
Hyaena Gallery, Burbank, CA - Klemfest Group Show, November 29, 2008 
Monkeyhouse Toys, Silverlake, CA - Itty Bitty Artshow, November 8, 2008  
Genuine Artikle, Long Island, NY - Dia de Los Muertos: Group Show, October 25, 2008 
The Grind Gallery, Venice, CA - Behind The Mask: Group Show, October 17, 2008 
Monkeyhouse Toys, Silver Lake, CA  Plastique Fantastique: Vinyll Toyshow, October 4, 2008 
Hyaena Gallery, Burbank CA - When Life Hands You Lemmings: Anti Censorship Group Show September 6, 2008 
The Grind Gallery, Venice, CA - All Mixed-Up: Group Show, July 19, 2008 
Genuine Artikle, Long Island, NY - Group Show, June 13, 2008
Art Slave Gallery, Los Angeles, CA - Persons of Interest: Group Show, May 8, 2008 
The Grind Gallery, Venice, CA - Love and Bullets: Group Show, February 15, 2008 
The Hangar 1018 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA - XX/XY: Group Show, December 8, 2007
Super G Gallery, Melose, CA - Art and Motcycles: Group Show, November 16, 2007
The Hangar 1018, Los Angeles, CA - FastForward Rewind Group Show, October 13, 2007
SCA Project Gallery, Pomona, CA - Happiness in Dystopia: Group Show, September 8, 2007 
Project Ethos, Hollywood, CA - Cirque de Ethos: Group Show, July 13, 2007 
Amor Viejo Gallery, Santa Ana, CA - The Living City: Colaborative Show, June 2, 2007 
CSUF Exit Gallery, Fullerton, CA - FU Artists Group Show, May 5, 2007
The Mountain Bar, Los Angeles, CA - The Dope Show, April 20, 2007


Beinart International Surreal Art Collective

Girls and Corpses Magazine. Interview by Robert Ryne. October 2008

OC Weekly. Article by Greg Stacy. September 18, 2008